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•Real Hope Real Help follows HIPPA standards regarding your protected health information. We will keep your health information private unless it is allowed to be disclosed per HIPPA guidelines. All records including electronic health records are HIPPA compliant. Your permission is required before private health information is disclosed to another party unless it is part of your treatment or it is a life-threatening emergency. Privacy Rules allows provider to use and disclose protected health information in a safe manner that protects your privacy. Your permission (authorization) is necessary before your health records are shared for any other reason. Real Hope Real Help has a duty to protect your private health information privacy.

•You have privacy rights, including the right to complain to HHS and to Real Hope Real Help staff if you believe your privacy rights have been violated. You may contact HHS office by emailing, faxing or calling HHS office at HSS.GOV.

•You will be given a written notice of our HIPPA compliant practices to sign at your first visit. Please let the staff know if you have any questions.

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